Employee Accessible Educational Resources

PEC ensures employees are knowledgeable regarding enrolling as well as locating critical information by improving the employee benefit experience through self-service interfacing. Employing a diverse range of educational resources results in greater employee awareness and participation.


  • Relieves Human Resources’ time by reducing the administrative burden

  • Presents video (embedded or overlaid) and decision tool options

  • Delivers an efficient and cost-effective process

  • Assists in the transition to a full employee self-serve environment

  • Prepares employees to take accountability for education and choosing benefits that are right for them

  • Increases competency and comfort-level for self-service navigation

  • Helps streamline the enrollment process

  • Tracks employee interaction with benefits information

  • Offers convenience to enroll anytime


  • Internet/Intranet benefits education, offering 24/7 access
  • Video technology
  • Onsite meetings with Benefit Counselors to help train employees
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