Customized and Comprehensive Employee Benefit Guides

One of the most effective means for communicating employee benefits is through the use of benefit summary books. PEC has assembled an award-winning team of talented graphic designers and writers to develop content driven and creative materials that can be distributed in both print and digital formats. Our guide books can meet Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) requirements and aid employees with making educated decisions about their benefits.


  • Offers employees a resource to use throughout the year

  • Reduces the administrative burden on Human Resources by decreasing the number of benefit-related questions.

  • Presents concise and understandable benefit explanations

  • Fulfills annual compliance notifications

  • Supplies a means to convey company mission, vision and values

  • Gives Human Resources/benefits staff a convenient way to answer benefit related questions.

  • Provides a way to communicate with employees’ family members

  • Helps employees make educated benefit choices


  • Distributed by employer

  • U.S. mail

  • Hand delivered by Benefit Counselors during one-on-one meetings

  • Online

  • Email

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