Benefit Enrollment Counselor

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JOB TITLE: Benefits Enrollment Counselor 
DEPARTMENT: Benefits Enrollment Department

Professional Enrollment Concepts, Inc., “PEC”, is a company that provides benefits communication and administration services.

The Benefits Enrollment Counselor, “insurance agent”, ensures that employees who are in contact with PEC for the purpose of enrolling to receive their respective benefits have an understanding of product and services available to them. It is the agent’s responsibility to determine eligibility based on the employees responses to questions as well as explain what is required by law and the employer to accomplish this task. The agent must also provide whatever service is necessary for employees to ensure the highest level of employee customer satisfaction regarding the administration of their benefits. It is also expected that the agent execute the procedures within PEC to effectively grow the company as well as ensure its financial strength and operating efficiency.
This position accomplishes these tasks through a respectful, constructive and energetic style, guided by the objectives of the company. As with all PEC positions, it requires solution oriented thinking and concepts in writing to improve the respective position as well as the company as a whole.

•Maintain a clear and current understanding of all lines of insurance offered to employees by the employers with which PEC works
•Generate written solution suggestions to better streamline processes while defining respective solutions thoroughly and not impeding ability to accomplish other required tasks
•Meet minimum performance standards required to maintain employment, Qualitative and Quantitative (as set in a fluid fashion by management)
•Maintain a Quality score of 70% or higher
•Quickly and effectively utilize the necessary automation to perform the job function (e.g. Selerex, telephony platform, navigation of benefits literature)

4-year Bachelor Degree from an Accredited Institution Preferred
Minimum of 2 years’ experience in the employee benefits industry
Licensed Insurance Agent,
Life and Health Lines of Authority by 1/1/17 for employees hired before 7/31/16. Hired, subsequent to 1/1/17, must be licensed within 6 months of hire

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