Management & Stability Tracking

Beginning 2015, IRS sections 6055 and 6056 require employers to report information to the IRS about the health plan coverage they offer (or do not offer) to their employees. PEC’s BenAdmin system enables employers to Measure, Monitor and Manage eligibility while addressing the 4 corners of ACA Filing.


  • Bolt on feature to existing BenAdmin system

  • Measure: Choose measurement and stability periods from a user-friendly interface

  • Monitor: Stay apprised of variable hour trends with the look back function

  • Manage: Efficiently process eligibility changes with the one step update process. Report data, automatically generates a call list for new hires to be reached out to.

  • Generate pre-filled 6055/6056 and 1094/1095 IRS documents to disperse to employees and the IRS

Forecast and monitor variable hour trends and eligibility
Set your measurement rules and receive automated reports when and where you need them.

Save time and resources with “One-Step” eligibility changes
Our one-step solution pre-populates a ready-for-upload list of eligibility changes generated from the “Look Back” report. This list of eligibility changes is populated in the BenAdmin Upload format, allowing employers to easily review and upload new eligibility adjustments.

Upload and manage employee hours on a per pay-period basis
Use the direct import feature to conveniently house, modify and track pay period hours.

Identify eligibility changes with scheduled “Look Back” reports
Stay current on employee status changes and avoid costly penalties with at-a-glance “Look Back” reporting. Coverage must be offered to newly eligible employees within a 90 day Administrative Period.

Employer Shared Responsibility & Minimum Essential Coverage
Beginning in 2016, IRS form series (1094 & 1095) communicate:


  • Upload and manage employee hours on a per pay-period basis

  • Forecast and monitor variable hour trends and eligibility through automated reports

  • Identify eligibility changes with at-a-glance look back reporting

  • Process eligibility changes easily with the One-Step solution for pre-populating eligibility changes

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